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Questioning convergence

Larry Strelitz recently spoke to Reg Rumney, Head of the Centre for Economics Journalism in Africa at Rhodes University, about current trends in media convergence. They explored what is meant by the term ‘convergence’ as well as the underlying cultural, technological and economic drivers of the process. Rumney provided examples of the process in practice and also raised concerns that the need to train future journalists in the varied technologies of production may be diverting attention away from the importance of actual content.

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Digital Mixtape: from scratching vinyl to scratch discs

By Fackson Banda, Shalen Gajadhar, Paul Greenway

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Incredible editors


A lot of hounding the newshounds (or their editors to be more precise), and distilling readings and doings over the years, resulted in the publication last month of "The Extraordinary Editor. A handbook for South African media leaders" published by Sanef.

It covers managing yourself, people, money, content, publics ... and change. My co-editor Liz Barratt did a wonderful job with designer Shahn Irwin on the layout, and fun caricatures were done by Baba Tjeko. Our next stop: offering workshops on making the most of this resource.

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Hackers can't keep Cue down

Russian and Turkish hackers nearly pulled the plug on CueMedia's digital platforms. A hack levelled the School of Journalism and Media Studies' websites including CueOnline, CuePix and CueTV a month before the National Arts Festival began.

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Editors alive to convergence

Sowetan recently ran a reader poll on Darfur, eliciting 4800 responses. Of these, 4200 were submitted online. The paper’s site, meanwhile, is ratcheting up two million hits a month.

This information was volunteered by editor, Thabo Leshilo, during a discussion about digital media at a council meeting of the SA National Editors Forum.

The point being that even a publication that could be thought to have a largely off-line audience in fact attracts substantial online participation.

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