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When convergence can(’t) work

Siren rhetoric about convergence can sometimes hide complexities about the concept. For instance, the fact that the coming together of media streams is also about divergence – in the form of multiple disparate platforms coming into publishing play, including completely new ones, as commentator Arthur Goldstuck observed at the HighwayAfrica conference.

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How to prepare the preparers!

US j-teacher Carol Ames has summarised our syndicate discussions at the WJEC-AMIC conference on how to get journ-education digitalised. Two nice points:

"How do we prepare our students for whichever version of the “new” media they will be expected to use to produce interesting stories or compelling content? And more importantly, how do we first prepare ourselves?"

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Anyone for a work-out?

Singapore’s mainstream media comes in for criticism for highlighting problems, rather than benefits, of press freedom in its coverage of a session I spoke at, at the WJEC-AMIC conferences.

Hard to judge, but I did visit the offices (pic beneath) of the Straits Times , and was taken with their working environment.

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New media - articles and resources

This refers to my research articles on the subject

New Media and Press Freedom in the Developing World. Keynote speech for Unesco conference, Paris, February 2007.

Digital migration and public broadcasting. Paper for Open Society Institute, London, 2006.

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