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Race, representation and meaning around the 2010 World Cup

Rhodes Political Studies has organised a teach-in this week on the World Cup, with speakers ranging from the celebratory to the denigratory. I'm giving the concluding talk, which I've titled: "Race & representation in the meaning/s of the 2010 World Cup" (note: 3.8mb ppt file).

In summary, the event was intended (in part) by South African government to create "symbolic engineering" - to re-image South Africa in the first instance, and the interdependent semiotic connection with Africa more broadly in the second instance.

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October 19 press freedom day

Yesterday was October 19 – National Media Freedom Day.
South African media have two occasions to promote media freedom to the wider public – yesterday and 3 May (International Press Freedom Day). But they don’t always rise to the occasion, although the SA National Editors Forum always sends out a statement - here's this year's one.

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