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creative commons

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Media development industry meets media research


Imagine two groups of pilgrims on two different journeys, taking roads that intersect occasionally.

One group is doing research into media. The other is spending money to develop media.

Currently, their paths cross only sporadically. Most hurry along their route with their minds focused on their destination.

But what if someone threw a party at one of the junctions; got them all to pause and talk to each other?

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Wiki-wiki wow remix

“Copyright laws are turning kids into criminals”.

This claim is made by Lawrence Lessig, a Stanford law professor and an advocate of Creative Commons.

His argument is simple: Generation-Y is not going to change, so the laws will have to:

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The Digital Freedom Exposition

I am travelling to Cape Town tomorrow evening to cover the Digital Freedom Exposition on behalf of HANA. According to their website "The Digital Freedom Expo is a University of the Western Cape (UWC) initiative to showcase the scope and benefits of freedom in a digital world.". The conference is aimed at two audiences, the UWC community (Administrative/Academic) and (hopefully) the wider world of Interested People.

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