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Cue Online

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Cue Online makes headlines

South Africa's top technology news website has picked up the story behind this year's Cue Online development.
In a story headlined 'Open source gets arty', Tectonic looks at the back-end of the project. Developed by New Media Lad, Brad Whittington, in just three weeks, the story lifts the veil on how the site was put together.
In the spirit of all things open source, the Cue Online website was driven by open source software, with Drupal powering the Cue website, hosted on an Ubuntu Linux server, with data storage in MySQL.

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Why I hugged a newspaper vendor

I've never been so happy to see a newspaper seller on the side of the road. This morning, the Cue newspaper seller was holding a bunch of Cue newspapers - a 12-page, full-colour tabloid newspaper full of interesting things to read about the Grahamstown Arts Festival. Why the excitement?

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