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cyber politics

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Obama, the "pop culture" president

 It’s been almost six years since Barack Obama made history by being the first black person to be elected president of the United States.

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Greenhouse App: Spot the political sellout!

 What if I put it to you that there’s an app that can expose corrupt politicians and easily track where they get their money from?

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The “reality of war” or desensitisation of the public?

 Mainstream media have tended to tread carefully where pictures of war are concerned. There was almost a science to it- the ability to portray the terrible and horrific impact of war on families and society without showing actual dead bodies.

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Learning from Obama, the commander in tweet

President Obama's 2008 Presidential campaign made history. Yes, he was the first black president of the United States of America, but he was also the first presidential candidate to effectively incorporate social media into his campaign strategy.
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Zuma and the “bloated” cabinet

I remember casually scrolling down my Twitter timeline when President Jacob Zuma announced his new cabinet.  For some reason one of the first things I thought about was Trevor Noah's 'moving to Australia' joke.

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