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Democracy in the time of the internet

"If you want to liberate a society, just give them the internet. If you want to have a free society, just give them the internet.”
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Oculus Rift revolutionises cybersex

After Ben Coullie, a colleague of mine, told me out of interest to check out what’s in the works between Oculus Rift (gaming headsets) and porn, honestly, I’m amazed that porn took so long to get onto the virtual reality (VR) ship. Sci-fi authors, theorists and porn developers have been visualising the day that virtual reality and sex integrate since the moment VR became the in-thing.

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Maintaining Your Human Identity in a Cyber Career

There is a really cool article on FreelanceSwitch discussing how to maintain your human-ness while living in the digital world. It is a good read with some good suggestions for how to put your human identity into your text. It is really relevant because it seems like people forget that A) they are emailing another person, and B) they are a human themselves when they email. Maybe it is a distinction between digital natives, and digital immigrants?

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