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daily dispatch

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Daily Dispatch's digital dividend

You’d have to be insane to invest in interactive storytelling in South Africa. Web staff and new digital journalists need special skills; multimedia storytelling is time consuming and expensive; and – in an environment where online ad revenue and local connectivity is relatively low – returns (financial or users) are hardly guaranteed.

But the Daily Dispatch of East London is crazy. Like a fox – crazy.

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Paltry role for journalism when set against the realities of poverty

“Media, poverty and social justice” was a theme adopted by the School of Journalism and Media Studies back in 2008. It informed some of our teaching, manifested in some of our student media productions. It also stimulated some staff research.

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Dispatching a good idea

There's seriously interesting stuff going on at the Daily Dispatch. If you're interested in how print media and online media can intersect and benefit from each other's strengths, then check out the newly relaunched Dispatch website as well as their family of blogs, including Dispatch Now 24/7.

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