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What set of symbols are you buying when you buy an Apple iPod?

The language of certain academic fields of study is further from the language of business than De Aar is from Helsinki, culturally speaking.

So it was with delight I came across the phrase, the "semiotization of the economy" in an article on design (as an approach to media research) by Ilpo Koskinen, in the Nordicom Review (November 2006). He's talking about branding, the bane of Naomi Klein.

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The colour of your week


Does each day of the week have its own colour? Designer Johanna Balušíková's Colour Of The Day project is an investigation into colour associations and their relationships to specific days of the week. A survey was conducted among 75 creative field workers from 20 countries, who were asked: "What colour do you associate with each day of the week?"

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