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You Wouldn't Download A Car

We have all done it at least once. Being a pirate. The scum of the figurative Internet Sea. Illegally downloading a crisp 1080p movie. In truth I have contracted scurvy from the amout of those I have. Thinking about it, it’s a lot easier to be a pirate nowadays than it was circa 1650.
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Mystery shopping goes digital

 Gone are the days of in-store customer satisfaction comment cards. The Internet provides people with the option to give immediate feedback on goods and services they consume and some are even getting paid to do so through mystery shopping.

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Digitally Embarrassed

Web seminars, videoconferencing, instant messaging and file sharing can make business as well as personal communication easier while cutting travel. But, there can be some unintended and often extremely embarrassing consequences.

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Hollywood in digital

We live in a digital world – and even the greatest film directors are entering. When reading about Sofia Coppola’s film The Bling Ring’ premiering at the Cannes Film Festival, I pondered why reviews kept remembering to mention she had filmed in digital. Why is that such a big revelation? Turns out, it’s offending some big time film makers.

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Honey not tonight, I need to reload

Can you possibly imagine a time when humans will have relationships with robots? You could argue that some have already developed a relationship with electronic gadgets as well as love and have a high reliance on them. This is called technosexuality. But can you picture a time where people might have a relationship, love, marry or have sex with robots?

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