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digital divide

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ICTs want the D

ICTs can be used as activism tools to raise awareness, show solidarity, raise funds and can themselves become the object of activism. However, ICTs can also be used to aid development.
ICT4D (Information and Communication Technologies for Development) is not just about developing ICTs and bridging the digital divide, but uses ICTs to further development in the education, healthcare, agriculture, environmental and economic spheres.
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There's more to the digital divide than broadband and smartphones

Despite the official narrative of a rainbow nation, South Africa is an extremely divided country. The nation’s striking economic discrepancies are evident in the lack of ICT access and infrastructure. What can be done to change this?
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SA's e-governance: time to catch up

In a period when many countries are already streets ahead in shifting from traditional paper-based to electronic governance methods, South Africa definitely needs to heed the lessons or risk lagging further behind.

The 21st century information age has heralded an overhaul of the way people conduct their lives - both as individuals and within public spaces.

The same applies to governments.

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