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digital terrestrial television

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Whither analogue radio in a digital comms ecosystem?


Radio is being changed by the rise of digital communications – particularly those that are cellphone-based. Call-ins and live-reports are common, thanks to mobiles. SMS comments and polls are common. Twitter and Facebook (and Mxit in the case of Radio Grahamstown) integration allows for expanded interaction with audiences.

So, should radio itself go digital? To be sure some radio services are digital, being available to audiences live or downloaded on the Internet. But traditional dissemination via the airwaves is still analogue.

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A downer on digital

My second name (besides Julian, Eliot, Gough - what were my parents thinking?) should have been digital. "G D Berger". Since I realised the power of digital compression, without which ICT would not exist, I've been a promoter of all things digital.
But in the past year, something's gone sour. It's called digital migration. This is a process so complex and so costly, that it would need to be worth mega-benefits if it was to happen.

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