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Gaming: so what?

Great... another blog about gaming. Another chance to sink your fingers into the worn and world-weary keys of 'too long, didn't read'. After all, why scroll through yet another amateur approach to something so well covered by the professional and commercial scenes? The answer is simple:

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The Times gets it wrong on the economy

The level of understanding of the economy in the general media sometimes leaves me astounded. Coverage of the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) data in the The Times is a case in point.

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Strong rand is bad news but a great story. So why are the financial media ignoring it?

“Rand steady as dollar nosedives.” “Rand softer on global caution.” “Rand firmer on risk appetite.”

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I had a cat. You had a dog. Now everybody has a financial crisis.

I posted this piece on my personal blog, Low Opinions (

In an excellent Vanity Fair piece (, Michael Lewis comes up with the best - and funniest - description I have yet seen of the business of investment banking (he used it with reference to Iceland’s spectacular collapse, but I think it applies to banking in general):

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Print is dead, long live online... but show me the money

Posted some thoughts on online adspend on my blog today:

Excerpt: "Those figures illustrate better than anything the conundrum facing newspaper proprietors. They are being told, day in and day out, that their industry is dead, or will be soon. Yet their business makes about 20 times as much money as the business which is supposed to be replacing it. "


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