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Ministers on-the-go

by Ntendeni Luvhengo
Just like a drive-through at a fast food chain or quick airtime purchase, religious ministries are available in realtime. Faith leaders are not confined to their own mosques, synagogues, temples or Jesus Domes anymore. Author of Tweet If You ♥ Jesus: Practicing Church in the Digital Reformation, Elizabeth Drescher, talks about a new phenomenon she calls “Ministers-on-the-go”.

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Who is Watching You?

by Nicola Haw
Music, books, address, hometown, phone number, email, social clubs, jobs, education history, birth date, age, sexual orientation, interests, political affiliations, friends, schedules, location. Today social media knows more about you than your granny does.

We all remember those skinny vacuum salesmen waddling into our houses with their revolutionary products that promise to instantly change our lives. “Buy the Super-Suction 1999, Deluxe Edition and you’ll never go dusty again”. Just peachy!

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Social TV brings T-Commerce and Open Journalism

by Simone Redelinghuys
Television broadcast is far from dead, it is simply adapting and transforming. The new broadcast landscape is not just about check-ins, real-time tweets, catch up TV or instant connectivity. While television and social networks form stronger bonds and increased interactivity; researchers and media practitioners emphasise that this is not the only change social TV will bring.

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Social media, journalism and journalism education

Journalism lecturers at Rhodes University are finding ways to use social media such as Facebook and Twitter in their teaching.
Radio lecturer Danika Marquis said students use social to research trends in popular culture, and to advertise their work, including personal bogs and radio journalism or podcasts.

"It is a good way of attracting traffic to student work," Marquis said.

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Nope: Going big on the web

Nope is a group of people who are not happy. They are not happy with the political situation in South Africa, the heated wars that permeate the globe, or with the current state of democracy. These people have decided not to vote in the past elections, claiming that “Our dreams do not fit on your ballots”.

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