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Don't be evil Amazon

This may be a bit of old news but it is worth talking about. Amazon has bought Twitch. Yeah, that’s right – AMAZON.

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Ahoy! Gaming and piracy

The internet has made it easier for the distribution and sales of digital products. With this, an opportunity has opened for there to be knock-off versions that are circulated from one scurvy dog to another. Every PC owner and his parrot has at some point torrented a game, leading game publishers and developers to want to see it walk the plank.

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In Love with an App

 Picture a man sitting alone at a table in a restaurant. He buys a bottle of wine, an expensive dish, yet nobody arrives. He just sits there the whole time, staring at his phone, occasionally laughing and smiling at the screen and, once in a while, he whispers to his phone, softly and gently.  As much as the modern man is dependent on his phone, this might be just a bit extreme.

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The psychology of fanboys

Ever look at comments on the internet by fanboys and wonder how things got this bad? The aggression, the insults, the bad grammar. But, it turns out, you and I are no different than the fanboy. Apart from the vile expressions online, we all exhibit the mentality and behaviour that leads to fanboy culture.

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The positive effects of gaming

The perception of a gamer is that of awkward, antisocial loser that spends all day locked in a stuffy room surrounded by junk food. This specimen doesn’t have any inclination to do anything apart from keeping his eyes fixated on a glowing screen while his hands tap away frantically. The creature only ever leaves his arse-embossed chair to expel fizzy drinks, and they only ever see the place known as outside on the day new hardware embellishments hit the shops.

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