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Don't be evil Amazon

This may be a bit of old news but it is worth talking about. Amazon has bought Twitch. Yeah, that’s right – AMAZON.

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Big Brother is watching you!

After reading the novel 1984 by George Orwell , it is hard to imagine a world where surveillance could become such a reality. Well it’s real and Google Maps has shown us that they can track your every move and if you don’t trust me take a look here.
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Google is God

I have spoken a bit about the controversy of having a ‘camera on every corner.’ In that post I talked about increasing instances of surveillance in the public domain, and how when we are in public we are constantly being watched; there are hardly any instances where what we are doing is truly private.

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R10m fine or jail time buddy, POPI has me covered

With continuous digital advancements happening in the 21st century, users have to adjust to having their personal details float around on the internet and hope that the information they entrusted to these companies is secure. My security is no longer a personal issue but that of the company (probably –ies) that I gave it to. So much for private but good to know that soon enough I can hold a company liable if my privacy is breached because POPI has my back!

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A camera on every corner

Like any self-respecting journalist-to-be, I am of the opinion that privacy is important. I mean, what kind of grade could you hope to get, saying otherwise? But what if you were mugged? What if you were stabbed or held at gunpoint? You would want some justice. So what if, within minutes, the police could identify the criminal? Or, for example, catch the men who placed the bomb at the Boston marathon last year. Would you be so anti-Orwellian then? 

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