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Not all that glisters is gold

Oh God, do I have to talk about this topic? I guess I don’t but the subject matter is interesting no matter who is involved. So here we go: Felix Kjellberg aka PewDiePie.
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SA's e-governance: time to catch up

In a period when many countries are already streets ahead in shifting from traditional paper-based to electronic governance methods, South Africa definitely needs to heed the lessons or risk lagging further behind.

The 21st century information age has heralded an overhaul of the way people conduct their lives - both as individuals and within public spaces.

The same applies to governments.

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Dummies' guide to SA's digital TV migration

Remember 2008? Neither do I. That year, government approved the switch to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) but has missed its 2011 deadline. How has this been such rocket science and why should South Africans even care? If they want to still watch TV in 2015, they may want to listen up. 

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When journalism comes cheaply

My RSS feed accurately reflected this headline "R40m to turn govt paper into daily" (see below), prompting two thoughts:

1. WTH ... is government now escalating its mouthpiece to a daily?
2. That's damn cheap if that's the case...

Clicking on the actual story showed the screw-up (See the first para). So the headline reflects a sub asleep on the job, I guess. Cheapo subbing.

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