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Breaking news for the community

Leaving the office rather late the other night I noticed four young men returning up the hill to residence. They were walking at an awkward angle with necks craned and eyes fixed on a spot slightly to the right of my head. I swivelled around to see what had caught their eyes. But of course, the flashing, danger-red ticker tape that wraps around the Africa Media Matrix.

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Heads up! Writing can improve your design

For the most part of my working life as a journalist, I have been a sub-editor. This means I care about semi-colons, how words are spelt and how sentences are made. I wonder โ€“ always - why people don't bother to use a spell check before they post something. Errors only serve to undermine whatever a writer is saying. And, in my opinion, if you're working with text โ€“ that is, laying out a page, designing a website โ€“ you need to be able to work with words.

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