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Optimise data for mobile devices

We own mobile devices that are very powerful. They have cameras, web connections, applications and even satellite navigation. But, you know that already.  So, why am I boring you with useless information, right?

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SA's new ICT governance: Good or bad idea?

A recent report highlighted the South African government's plans to initiate an intricate framework of ICT governance in a bid to enhance security and bolster service delivery. This week, we take a look at some of the talking points by discussing them in a podcast.

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Visual information- viable for business?

The consumption of information in the workplace takes place on a daily basis, whether it is in the form of photographs, charts, games, documents, face-to-face interaction or even text. We notice it, attempt to make sense of it, gobble it up and finally forget it. As such, it becomes important to analyse the power of information, or particularly visual information, on the business.

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Data visualisation: a form of art?

The most useful handmade visualisations date back to the 1600s when people were confronted with a passel of possibilities to make information more meaningful. One can think back to the cartographer, William Smith, who drew the first sketch of Britain in 1815, Francis Galton’s weather map and even Florence Nightingale’s circular area charts that explain the health conditions of British soldiers in 1875.

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