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Make up transformations go viral

 A hilarious new Internet craze has started up - one which i won’t be participating in - the #MakeUpTransformation meme craze.

As if entire populations didn’t revolve around celebrities enough, let’s join a fad where we attempt to create humour out of “transforming” into celebrities through the simple use of makeup.

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Facebook is NOT a “cool mom”

Facebook is facing what seems like a mid-life crisis. Instead of sticking to the share and like button, Facebook continually tries to imitate popular young, new mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat and now WhatsApp. Unfortunately the “cool mom” persona leaves most kids with bright red faces, and hiding in embarrassment.  Facebook Camera and Facebook poke, both attempts to imitate Instagram and Snapchat, have fast become extinct on app stores. Now, Facebook is telling us to either “get cool or get out” by forcing us to download the new Facebook Messenger.

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Selfies: #Self-obsession or #self-expression

 Most phones are cameraphones these days and having a camera in our back pockets everywhere we go means we take more and more photos than ever before.  Since the Oxford Dictionary crowned ‘selfie’ as the word of 2013, Professionals are no longer holding the camera. Instead, we are and we are expressing something that we all value- ourselves.
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Storytelling on social media

Once upon a time...
Storytelling is an age-old tradition. It is how people have made sense of their worlds, passed on traditions and channeled their imaginations.

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The breadth and width of social media

It’s not enough to exist in the real world anymore. You also need to exist on an alternative plane of reality, i.e. the virtual world of social media. This is where concepts like FBO (Facebook Official) stem from; the idea is that if a piece of information isn’t documented on Facebook, it’s not authentic or verified. So don’t think you can date someone without updating your relationship status on Facebook - nobody will believe you. (Facebook never lies.)

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