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Digital piracy: Long John Silver and his Merry Men?

You all know the advertisement: You wouldn’t steal a car… you wouldn’t steal a mobile phone… you wouldn’t steal someone’s wallet…

And yet, recently when the people behind a torrenting site called The Pirate Bay were found guilty of copyright infringement and sentenced to pay millions and spend years in jail there was widespread outrage, even threat of Cyber War One (and not just because the site would no longer aid people in getting stuff for free).

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Not the Jacob Zuma blog

I’ll be the only South African blogger not to write about Jacob Zuma today. Instead, I’ll rabbit on about my other pet subject: newspapers; or rather, I should say, the future of news.

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Print is dead, long live online... but show me the money

Posted some thoughts on online adspend on my blog today:

Excerpt: "Those figures illustrate better than anything the conundrum facing newspaper proprietors. They are being told, day in and day out, that their industry is dead, or will be soon. Yet their business makes about 20 times as much money as the business which is supposed to be replacing it. "


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What about the crossword?

Some thoughts on the future of newspapers. I'd appreciate your comments!

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Building a successful web tool

There is a good post on thoughtleader about how to magic up a new facebook. Anja touches on the most important thing about the web today: It is no longer about the content or the tool, but what you let your users and fans do with your content or your tool, or the tools you provide with your tool, for your tool. RSS opened the doors for content to be shipped around every which ware. One of the most successful games published was Quake, because it let you change things, customize, mod, reshape, remix. Larry Lessig of Creative Commons understands this, the open source movement is based on this premise, the movement towards mashups speaks about this.

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