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This one goes out to Telkom

I ordered ADSL a few weeks ago. Actually I had to have a phone line installed before I could order ADSL, but the nice people at Telkom took down my ADSL order and thankfully processed it once the line had been installed. The first parts of the experience was relatively quick and easy, my new line was installed within a few days of ordering it, and my application for ADSL went in as soon as the line was in.

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Is that Blog?

Some people don't understand the internet, they don't understand the new terms, they don't understand digital citizens, and they don't understand how the internet is a lot like nothing they ever knew before the days of Internet. One person who doesn't understand Internet and Blog is Patricia De Lille, according to IOL, "De Lille urges crackdown on blogs". They should have titled that "De Lille urges crackdown on blog", so it carries the weight of just how little she does understand what she is saying.

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