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Mobile Apps are #1

Sitting, glued to a computer screen has now become old-school. The modern Smartphone was launched to the market 7 years ago and today many users feel as if they cannot go a day without a smartphone.  Mobile media is taking off. According to a new study released by comScore , 7 out of every 8 minutes we spend on the internet are spent on various mobile apps on our phones. Forget the digital revolution, mobile technology is fast becoming the number one way to reach a diverse, global and large audience.

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Mystery shopping goes digital

 Gone are the days of in-store customer satisfaction comment cards. The Internet provides people with the option to give immediate feedback on goods and services they consume and some are even getting paid to do so through mystery shopping.

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iPhone apps: the new star on the big screen

Remember that time when it took dozens of camera men sporting expensive and heavy cameras to shoot a movie, a music video or a documentary? Today you can leave your costly recording equipment at home as Oscar-winning documentaries are now being shot with an iPhone app.

Video-enabled mobile phones followed by an increased interest in User Generated Content means that creating your own videos with your iPhone is no big deal, however it is not only the average Joe using this technique. Professional film and video makers are viewing mobile phones and mobile app technologies as creating film that is just as effective, if not better than expensive camera equipment.

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