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Remembering newspapers' role in democracy

On election day, I was sorting out old t-shirts, and found a number that signal how small scale publications played their part in the struggle for democracy.


The grandparent of the alternative press - Grassroots - helped mobilise the Western Cape and give rise to the United Democratic Front in the early 1980s. Co-ordinator was non other than current Rhodes VC - Saleem Badat.


This hardline political magazine was provocatively named to be synonymous with the banned 1950s New Age. An offspring of Grassroots, I edited it in 1991.

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Not the Jacob Zuma blog

I’ll be the only South African blogger not to write about Jacob Zuma today. Instead, I’ll rabbit on about my other pet subject: newspapers; or rather, I should say, the future of news.

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Are journalists to blame for the financial crisis?

There has been a lot of brow beating lately about the role of the media in the global economic crisis. To what extent did the media contribute to the crisis? Did the media do enough to forewarn their audiences, and are they doing enough now to help people understand where we’re going?

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What about the crossword?

Some thoughts on the future of newspapers. I'd appreciate your comments!

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EU-AU seek to set up a Pan-African “Media Observatory”, but will it fly?

African media is supposed to be served by a proposed a Pan-African “Observatory”, but it could be a target of the initiative.

This anticipated “Media Watch” is being driven by the Commissions of the European Union and the African Union. You can find information about it on a European Commission website.

If you want more, you can also try the email address on the site, I tried this recently in search of answers for a column raising concerns about the plan.

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