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Inflation is not as simple as it seems

What inflation rate should one use to calculate whether a particular price increase is keeping pace with inflation? Is it legitimate to use various rates of inflation?

Out of a paper set for the postgraduate diploma students at Rhodes University School of Journalism and Media Studies came an interesting set of answers to these questions.

The paper itself arose from a question JMS colleagues Guy Berger, Robert Brand and I discussed over a pizza lunch with some of those postgraduate students in the week of the unveiling of the 2008/08 Budget.

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Avoid these clichés like the plague

Business Report recently ran the following teaser:
Green has become the new black at Swiss motor expo
"US motor pioneer Henry Ford once quipped that buyers could have any colour car they wanted, as long as it was black. This week at the Geneva Auto Show, all manufacturers are expected to be 'green'."

Can we please stop referring to anything and everything fashionable as "the new black"? Once, many years ago, it signalled fashion awareness, when brown was the new black. Now it's a phrase you should find only in a charity shop for second-hand clothes.

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Black journalists: does the FBJ have a raison d'etre?

The HRC hearings into protests by Primedia journalists against the racially-exclusive meeting of the Forum of Black Journalists have been reported as "no-holds-barred debate".

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Zuma, Nzimande clash ... over media effects

Signs of division appeared in Jacob Zuma’s camp this week when the ANC president disagreed publicly with one of his staunchest supporters over media effects.

While SACP leader Blade Nzimande accused City Press of sowing division and confusion within ANC ranks, Zuma has come to the conclusion that nobody much bothers about what they read in newspapers.

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AMM ticks!


In 1844, Samuel Morse sent the first-ever electronic communication with the words "What hath God wrought?". To echo this, our first message on the new ticker tape at our building, the Africa Media Matrix, also included an isiXhosa version: "uThixo wenza ntoni?".

We'll use the device to display RSS feeds of news headlines (although we have to invent our own software to do so - the company that supplies this tech is still living in the pre-digital age!). And if there are announcements to make, it's a great place to ensure that people see 'em.

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