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New rival for old media

A rude awakening in the news that Vodacom is becoming a media company.

It's not about the firm's distribution of a bouquet of other people's TV via 3G (and in future DVB-H). It's not even about content as such.

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One journo. One blog

Everyone who works in industry, journalism or academia needs to blog to stay relevant and informed, argues Robin Hamman, a senior BBC journalist who works within the organisation to promote an understanding and awareness of social media.

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Media Freedom in SA

Vincent pointed out an interesting post about tabloid journalism by Yfm's current CEO Kanthan Pillay. While I had a urination yesterday in one of ablution facilities in the African Media Matrix I noticed a fantastic quote (the bathrooms are littered with quotes and pretty pictures, in fact, by the CSHons rating scale I would give them an 8/10, they lose out because the hand driers are dismal). The quote looks like this (you can also scroll over the image, or click to make it big):


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How to be a 2.0 journalist

I love the Internet! Just as my inbox is filling with emails from journalism teachers gnashing their teeth about the low levels of news awareness among journalism students, so my RSS feed throws up a perfectly pertinent post: Twelve things journalists can do to save journalism.

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When convergence can(’t) work

Siren rhetoric about convergence can sometimes hide complexities about the concept. For instance, the fact that the coming together of media streams is also about divergence – in the form of multiple disparate platforms coming into publishing play, including completely new ones, as commentator Arthur Goldstuck observed at the HighwayAfrica conference.

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