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A thought on content

During the DCI I was struck by how traditional media houses don't seem to really be able to get their minds around the concept of blogging, and how blogs relate to what they do. Mohammed from Al Jazeera really had some rad points, and his organisation is integrating very tightly with different mediums, and using social networks to their maximum potential, using technology like youtube, etc.

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A way of theorising Highway A

We've sweated into our 11th year of Highway Africa - and I've often asked: what's it all mean? What's HA signify?

We began with a once-off conference, and the thing just grew into the multi-faceted unique project that it is. With a life of its own. It's pulled us along, as much as we've pushed it as well. And our actions have been intuitive to a large extent.

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SABC saga twists and turns

So the way the SABC/M&G story is playing out is testament to the usefulness of having a news website. On Friday night, the SABC chose to report on TV news that the applicant who had brought the interdict order said the newspaper had disregarded the court ruling in a most disgraceful manner.

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Shenanigans at the SABC

Sheesh! I just don't get the SABC. The Mail & Guardian has done a terrific job reporting on "explosive final draft of an internal report into alleged corruption, abuse of power and intimidation at the South African Broadcasting Corporation". You'll have to buy today's paper to read more as the story's not on the website. And only parts of the story are in the paper as a judge granted a last-minute interdict against the paper.

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WJEC syndicate group: Adapting journ education to the digital age

Here at WJEC - AMIC, a group of us brainstormed some of the issues, which I’ve distinguished and elaborated a little.

Here’s the wisdom: For the digital age, journalism education should take account of:

1. What j-teachers need to know – creating an influential statement about what digital competencies are needed from ALL faculty.

2. What students need to know and do from (digital) journalism education, including preparation for jobs that don’t even currently exist

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