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Pretty can become untrustworthy

After weeks of writing numerous blog posts, I have finally come to the conclusion that data visualisation is a wonderful thing- something that is able to help you build and maintain a better relationship with others. However, it can also have serious ramifications for relationships of trust. I’m joking, right? Definitely not.
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A meme's eye view

The grumpy cats, South Park characters and Honey Boo Boos (to name only a few) of the Internet are trying to tell you something. No, don’t you dare ignore them, because they will find you. They are trying to propogate themselves and spread from brain to brain.

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Data gets taken for a dance

Imagine a dance piece carefully composed and choreographed with the help of new media tools. Imagine its beauty, its simplicity as well as its aesthetic appeal. Come to think of it, it does exist. Data visualisation is now able to manifest itself in both performative and physical spaces.

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SA citizens can help strengthen democracy

Administrators, companies, individuals and institutions are hard at work to develop democracy in South Africa by making more data available to the public.

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Food that tells stories

We all consume food on a daily basis. It is part of a routine, like having a shower before your day starts or combing your hair before you set a foot outside the house. Without food, I would not be able to write this blog. I need food to help me think- everyone does. It is truly glorious in all its facets.

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