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mark zuckerberg

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Facebook is NOT a “cool mom”

Facebook is facing what seems like a mid-life crisis. Instead of sticking to the share and like button, Facebook continually tries to imitate popular young, new mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat and now WhatsApp. Unfortunately the “cool mom” persona leaves most kids with bright red faces, and hiding in embarrassment.  Facebook Camera and Facebook poke, both attempts to imitate Instagram and Snapchat, have fast become extinct on app stores. Now, Facebook is telling us to either “get cool or get out” by forcing us to download the new Facebook Messenger.

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Snapchat not just for sexting

 Young social media users have learnt the inevitable truth- that what you put on social media stays there. That is why, when Snapchat was launched at the end of 2012, it became the perfect tool for 18 to 25 year olds to share photos or videos with their friends and not have it haunt their lives forever.


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