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The second screen: friend or foe?

I wouldn’t call myself a professional procrastinator or anything, but when sitting at your computer to type up something work-related and important actually means check, update and scroll (or troll) through every single social network you’re registered to, I think I may be in line for a bonus this year.


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Marketing with memes

Let’s think memes. A few of my personal favourites are Lolcats, Socially Awkward Penguin, Bad Luck Brian, Gangnam Style... (to name a few). These pieces of culture spin around the globe at a rapid rate, linking cell phone to computer, tablet to iPhone and American to Australian. But what do they have to do with branding? 


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Why microblogging matters

While I would recommend blogging for most businesses, some might find microblogging more suited to their needs. If you perhaps have a small business with a younger target market, you don’t feel like corporate blogging would be appealing to your market, then microblogging might be the path you want to go down.


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Online video culture killing advertising?

Your video is loading. An ad starts playing. It feels like spam, you turn the sound off and check another webpage. Another typical scenario for users, which begs the question – how can online video publishers receive revenue when advertisers see no point in advertising to an audience who doesn't care?

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