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Media development industry meets media research


Imagine two groups of pilgrims on two different journeys, taking roads that intersect occasionally.

One group is doing research into media. The other is spending money to develop media.

Currently, their paths cross only sporadically. Most hurry along their route with their minds focused on their destination.

But what if someone threw a party at one of the junctions; got them all to pause and talk to each other?

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Lab learns from German connections

New Media Lab lecturer, Jude Mathurine is back from a lightning trip to Stuttgart, Germany where he presented a paper to the Africa Forum for Development.

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EU-AU seek to set up a Pan-African “Media Observatory”, but will it fly?

African media is supposed to be served by a proposed a Pan-African “Observatory”, but it could be a target of the initiative.

This anticipated “Media Watch” is being driven by the Commissions of the European Union and the African Union. You can find information about it on a European Commission website.

If you want more, you can also try the email address on the site, I tried this recently in search of answers for a column raising concerns about the plan.

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Measuring media development

Fackson and I presented our report on research instruments for media assessment, during a panel at the Global Forum for Media Development. And encountered a lively audience.

The report is online on the GFMD website.

We argued that existing tools being used to assess media landscapes can do well to be more explicit about what their values are, what they mean by "media", and what they mean by development.

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MDDA on the cusp of growth

There are good prospects for development of South Africa’s purpose-built media development agency. This was the subtext at an event in Johannesburg today to initiate the MDDA’s new board members (I’m one of them).

This statutory agency is a partnership between government and mainstream media, and it exists to expand media diversity – especially at local level.

About 50 stakeholders attended a media breakfast at which Essop Pahad, minister in the presidency, welcomed the new board and thanked its predecessor.

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