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A meme's eye view

The grumpy cats, South Park characters and Honey Boo Boos (to name only a few) of the Internet are trying to tell you something. No, don’t you dare ignore them, because they will find you. They are trying to propogate themselves and spread from brain to brain.

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Marketing with memes

Let’s think memes. A few of my personal favourites are Lolcats, Socially Awkward Penguin, Bad Luck Brian, Gangnam Style... (to name a few). These pieces of culture spin around the globe at a rapid rate, linking cell phone to computer, tablet to iPhone and American to Australian. But what do they have to do with branding? 


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Video memes: nutty or genius?

We seem to have all gone bonkers. If some beings from another planet could see the Georgia swim & diving team doing the Harlem shake or a giant panda dancing Gangnam style, they would think we’re all nutty. But it cannot be that simple – for if millions of viewers are not only watching funny online videos but also actually recreating them in different contexts, there has to be some other, perhaps deeper, reason for these outrageous shenanigans.

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