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Growing social media, growing disconnect?

I must say I was slightly apprehensive about typing up this post. On one hand I love social media - the interconnectedness, ease of sharing, and down-time; but on the other I hate that this medium can at times be more isolating than uniting.

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Has the iPad been cast aside?

iPhone sales are soaring, iPod sales are dwindling, but the biggest revelation of Apple’s 2014 second quarter financial results is the slight, but surprising drop in iPad sales.

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Social media goes mobile

I recently came across an extremely interesting infographic about South Africa mobile use and decided I had to write a blog post about this rampant trend. Mobile internet use in South Africa is widespread and still increasing, with approximately 8 million South Africans intermittently or regularly accessing the Internet via their mobile phones according to a World Wide Worx study

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'Please call me' when the war is over

Please call me when the war is over. For now, it's all unfolding with gathering pace and though we're not quite caught in the crossfire, it’s a battle to keep an eye on.

It began with the introduction of a service which would enjoy a meteoric rise in popularity. But its origins are now disputed. It is, of course, the "Please Call Me" message service.

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