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Mobile Apps are #1

Sitting, glued to a computer screen has now become old-school. The modern Smartphone was launched to the market 7 years ago and today many users feel as if they cannot go a day without a smartphone.  Mobile media is taking off. According to a new study released by comScore , 7 out of every 8 minutes we spend on the internet are spent on various mobile apps on our phones. Forget the digital revolution, mobile technology is fast becoming the number one way to reach a diverse, global and large audience.

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Teaching Citizen Journalism - An Interview with Khaya Thonjeni, Coordinator, Schools Outreach Project

Great things are happening in citizen journalism education in a small town in the Eastern Cape thanks to Khaya Thonjeni. Khaya runs the Rhodes University JMS Schools Outreach Project funded by the Knight Foundation. We spoke to Khaya about this project and what it seeks to achieve.

Khaya, briefly explain what the project is about?

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