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mobile technology

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Mobile Apps are #1

Sitting, glued to a computer screen has now become old-school. The modern Smartphone was launched to the market 7 years ago and today many users feel as if they cannot go a day without a smartphone.  Mobile media is taking off. According to a new study released by comScore , 7 out of every 8 minutes we spend on the internet are spent on various mobile apps on our phones. Forget the digital revolution, mobile technology is fast becoming the number one way to reach a diverse, global and large audience.

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Facebook is NOT a “cool mom”

Facebook is facing what seems like a mid-life crisis. Instead of sticking to the share and like button, Facebook continually tries to imitate popular young, new mobile apps like Instagram, Snapchat and now WhatsApp. Unfortunately the “cool mom” persona leaves most kids with bright red faces, and hiding in embarrassment.  Facebook Camera and Facebook poke, both attempts to imitate Instagram and Snapchat, have fast become extinct on app stores. Now, Facebook is telling us to either “get cool or get out” by forcing us to download the new Facebook Messenger.

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Smartphone users at risk

Two security research companies have detected threats that will pose a problem for smartphone users. Manufactures such as Apple, Google Android and Blackberry need to take this information with caution in order to avoid this becoming a global problem.
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In Love with an App

 Picture a man sitting alone at a table in a restaurant. He buys a bottle of wine, an expensive dish, yet nobody arrives. He just sits there the whole time, staring at his phone, occasionally laughing and smiling at the screen and, once in a while, he whispers to his phone, softly and gently.  As much as the modern man is dependent on his phone, this might be just a bit extreme.

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Incoming message: smartphones ruin weekend plans

 It is Thursday, meaning the weekend is almost upon us and right now I should be thinking about who I am going to see, what parties I am going to be at, what plans I am going to make and which plans I am going to keep. The convenience of smartphones, however, make it that much easier for me to put off these decisions, at least right until the last minute.

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