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Telecoms: a slice of digital migration pie

There are very interesting developments as South Africa waits for the roll-out of Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT). You might want to read a previous blog for background on the whole process.

A recent report by ITWeb indicated MTN's intent to gain access to a fraction of radio frequency for the purposes of broadband service provision.

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Cell C, MTN and Vodacom face to face

The South African mobile service is no longer a game owned by MTN and Vodacom. When my mother called last night with a Cell C number, a loyal MTN user for decades now, and started convincing me to get Cell C (providing proper substantial evidence)…I knew things have changed.

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Here's my data: call me maybe?

"Hey, I just met you. And this is crazy. But I've got data. I won't call, maybe".

Apart from being a cheesy re-imagining of a pop song that surged through the airwaves last year, that opening line points to a question which has perhaps been on the minds of telecoms gurus for quite some time now: Are voice calls finally sliding further down the pecking order for mobile phone users?

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