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New Media Lab

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Teenage NML goes mobile

I am burning the midnight oil at my garret on St Bartholomew with schemes for the New Media Lab's thirteenth year. Some projects like the longstanding relaunch of the website of South Africa’s oldest independent newspaper can be divulged here, while others like our mobile initiative can only be hinted at for now.

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A way of theorising Highway A

We've sweated into our 11th year of Highway Africa - and I've often asked: what's it all mean? What's HA signify?

We began with a once-off conference, and the thing just grew into the multi-faceted unique project that it is. With a life of its own. It's pulled us along, as much as we've pushed it as well. And our actions have been intuitive to a large extent.

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'Best showcase of Rhodes Journ'

The Times's multimedia portal is the single best showcase of Rhodes University's School of Journalism and Media Studies, says Vincent Maher, the former head of the New Media Lab and now online strategist at the M&G.

Grocott's Digital

Grocott's Mail Digital Edition began in 2006, when it was run by staff and students in the New Media Lab at Rhodes University's School of Journalism & Media Studies. The site was originally developed by New Media Lab director, Vincent Maher in 2006 over the period of only a few weeks. The original incarnation with its custom built CMS included capacity for multimedia and citizen journalism made it years ahead of its time.

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