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Dear Internet, can you save us from high school Sex Ed?

I learnt some incredible things in high school Sex Ed.

One was that a woman’s hymen is structured like the seal on a Ricoffy tin: that once she has sex, her body is open for business and will never be the same again. (I remember the sneaking suspicion that once I “broke my seal”, my ovaries would somehow begin to grow stale).

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(Someone watching) Through the looking Glass

If someone at a bar took out his or her smartphone, pointed it directly at you, and stood there for a minute – how would you feel? Worse still, if someone recorded you whilst at an ATM – what would you do? I’ll tell you: you'd freak the hell out.

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Twitchy Fingers

If given the choice to watch football on TV or go play football outside, which would you choose? Most people would respond by sinking deeper into the couch and turning up the volume. Is that the way gaming is going as well?
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Love does cost a thing

Online dating is fast becoming a preferred option to most as a source to find love and romance but it has become an ideal hunting ground for cyber criminals looking to make a quick score but for genuine reasons.

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The psychology of social media

Somewhere in the midst of my two years of psychology in university, I began to find it interesting to note the psychology behind the myriad activities and interactions in our daily lives, and the different theories that attempt to explain how we behave and what our needs are.

What I didn’t consider before, however, is how psychology can be used to explain our actions and interactions on social networking sites.

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