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Why microblogging matters

While I would recommend blogging for most businesses, some might find microblogging more suited to their needs. If you perhaps have a small business with a younger target market, you don’t feel like corporate blogging would be appealing to your market, then microblogging might be the path you want to go down.


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Don't forget to blog

I’ve stumbled across some weird blogs in my time. Recently I came across one called People take pictures of their cats with a piece of bread framing its face and send it in. Apparently that’s a thing.


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How to respond to customers on social media

The following podcast draws from an article by Chris Lake featured on It deals with how to respond to particularly awkward posts by customers on your brand's social media pages e.g. Facebook or Twitter, looking it things from both the brand's angle as well as the customer. Take a listen! 


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Storytelling on social media

Once upon a time...
Storytelling is an age-old tradition. It is how people have made sense of their worlds, passed on traditions and channeled their imaginations.

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