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Best practice for brands on Facebook

The other day it was a friend’s birthday (I knew because Facebook told me...) Thankful for the notice, I went to her Facebook profile, and there was a small message which I had never seen before, that asked me if I would like to buy her a Starbucks voucher as a birthday gift.This particular person lives in America, and was being targeted for Starbuck’s advertisements. Facebook is getting smarter each day.

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Old, new media and sex

Scholars have long linked sex to media and technologies. These scholars have researched aspects of online pornography, digital sexuality and identities, masculinity, femininity, online dating and relationships and how the proliferation of such sexual contents and activities on media technologies affects sex, sexuality, sexual attitudes and behaviors in people.

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South Africa likes social media

I’ve discussed the extent of the pervasive nature of social media in a previous post. But let’s take a more local look. What does social media mean to South Africans?

According to an article in IT News Africa, social networking in South Africa has crossed the age barrier as well as the urban/rural divide. People everywhere and of all ages are embracing social networking.

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Gaming: so what?

Great... another blog about gaming. Another chance to sink your fingers into the worn and world-weary keys of 'too long, didn't read'. After all, why scroll through yet another amateur approach to something so well covered by the professional and commercial scenes? The answer is simple:

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Trust media truth

by Isabelle Abraham
As more phone-hacking incidents come to light, the UK media is bearing the brunt of the mounting number of lawsuits. News24 reported that as of 20 April, the cases brought against News of the World has now amounted to a staggering 100. Another UK organisation, British broadcaster Sky News, has admitted to hacking emails, but justifies this decision as ‘public interest’. Sky News is a part of BSkyB – of which 39% is owned by Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation.

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