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ITWeb/NML scholarships grow own timber

Three journalism students at Rhodes University are the winners of the 2011 ITWeb Journalism Scholarship.
ITWeb continues its investment in fresh talent that combines excellent journalism skills with clear understanding of new media trends.

Masetshaba Mpete, Gregory Peake and Mallory Perrett - third-year journalism students at the Rhodes School of Journalism and Media Studies - are the winners of the ITWeb Journalism Bursary for 2011.

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Ten tasks for journalism education

Quick - what are the top most important topics for journalism education to be teaching today?

If you're South African, you might want to say - in the light of recent belligerent comments from those in power - it is this: "How to make a case for media freedom and self-regulation." You wouldn't be wrong.

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Timeline: SA Media Crisis

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Spreading the Sanef message

Pretty chuffed about new media during the Sanef AGM in Durban -

I posted 80 tweets about the debates.

Also got a Tweet query from Nic Dawes, M&G editor, who was not able to make it here, but was following my tweets. He asked about "lawyerisation" of the Press Ombuds process. It wasn't opportune to take the general discussion back to the query, so I decided instead to follow up with Joe Thloloe, the Ombud, afterwards. So here's his answer which I streamed live from my cellphone to

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A Good Story That Matters

By Gillian, Rod and Peter

Successful journalism is about one thing. Which means that successful journalism education is about one thing: a good story that matters.
If the story reaches the hearts and minds of its receivers, its medium becomes a secondary consideration.

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