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Happy hour: time for new media to create new business models

Business models around digital media need to keep changing, Robert Picard told Rhodes media management students today. To back up his point, he noted that online advertising is still only 3% that of the story in the offline world. Also:

• Rapid growth in online ad revenues is not matched by rapid growth in total ad share;

• In most countries, two-thirds of online revenue went to the top ten sites;

• E-commerce is profitable, but still represents only about 2% of retail sales worldwide (compared to mail order at 7%).

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A way of theorising Highway A

We've sweated into our 11th year of Highway Africa - and I've often asked: what's it all mean? What's HA signify?

We began with a once-off conference, and the thing just grew into the multi-faceted unique project that it is. With a life of its own. It's pulled us along, as much as we've pushed it as well. And our actions have been intuitive to a large extent.

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Onerous bill attempts to control speech on the internet

ITWeb ran an article titled " Thought police target ‘new' media" about changes to the film and publications act that attempt to place censorship processess on blogs/websites. The crux of the matter is the demand that "any blog or other Internet or mobile content that contains visual presentations, descriptions or representations of sexual conduct, advocacy of hatred, incitement to violence or propaganda promoting war must be submitted for classification before publication".

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New media - articles and resources

This refers to my research articles on the subject

New Media and Press Freedom in the Developing World. Keynote speech for Unesco conference, Paris, February 2007.

Digital migration and public broadcasting. Paper for Open Society Institute, London, 2006.

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NML website climbs up google

Because it is fun to google yourself I googled new media, and found that we currently sitting on page three (at around position 22) on the results page. If you use the South African Google we come up fourth, and if you constrain it to only South African pages then we are number 2. I also tried a search for citizen journalism and our tags section comes up as second. It is a bit arb, but it means we do have incoming links from Google for relevant stuff.

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