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Launch of "The Times"

The Times launched today, cracking open some new thinking in old media in South Africa. The Times hopes to be a more interactive newspaper, leveraging the interactivity of the web with the physical nature of a daily print edition. They have a long way to go (launching a new newspaper is not an easy task), and I figure I should provide some initial insights and criticism of their approach.

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How I use Open Source Software: Linux

This is the first in a series of posts about how I use open source software on a daily basis, to hopefully open some people's eyes about what is possible with Open Source Software, and correct some mis-conceptions. There is a pre-amble though, a dark confession even; I do have a degree in computer science, and I am a geek. By being a geek it gives me an edge, in that I can easily explore the edge, do the not so easy things relatively easily, and think in a way that is a bit different from your average Desktop user. But I am going to (hopefully) illustrate only the aspects and areas that I consider boilerplate, stuff that anyone who can use a computer can do. I want to break the perception that Linux, or open source software takes a genius to operate because I think it is more consistent and easy to use over the alternative. So...

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Is that Blog?

Some people don't understand the internet, they don't understand the new terms, they don't understand digital citizens, and they don't understand how the internet is a lot like nothing they ever knew before the days of Internet. One person who doesn't understand Internet and Blog is Patricia De Lille, according to IOL, "De Lille urges crackdown on blogs". They should have titled that "De Lille urges crackdown on blog", so it carries the weight of just how little she does understand what she is saying.

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Overdrive Motoring

I had the pleasure yesterday of chatting to a 3rd year TV journ student, Ciro De Siena. Ciro and his friends have built a website called Overdrive Motoring. They are competing with a number of other online motoring review brands, but they pack some unique features and insights that a lot of the bigger motoring site lack. Best of all, they have done it on a shoe-string budget. They are now branching into online videos and motoring news, including a video interview of TopGear's Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Hammond.

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The Times new news room

Some pics of "The Times" news room, courtesy of former "new media colin", and Ray Hartley. See the post here, or see Ray Hartley's Flickr photos here.

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