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Cue Online makes headlines

South Africa's top technology news website has picked up the story behind this year's Cue Online development.
In a story headlined 'Open source gets arty', Tectonic looks at the back-end of the project. Developed by New Media Lad, Brad Whittington, in just three weeks, the story lifts the veil on how the site was put together.
In the spirit of all things open source, the Cue Online website was driven by open source software, with Drupal powering the Cue website, hosted on an Ubuntu Linux server, with data storage in MySQL.

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This festival is covered by Cue Online

If you are interested in keeping tabs on the National Arts Festival, Cue Online is providing comprehensive multimedia coverage of the Festival. Cue Online is powered by the Drupal CMS, students of the NML, and staff/students of Cue, CuePix, and CueTV.

We are aggregating and associating video content from CueTV, Audio/podcasts from CueRadio, and images from both the cue and Cuepix teams. Our students are going to be gathering more news oriented
stuff during festival, vox pops and on the ground stuff.

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Video flow in a converged newsroom

Davin McHenry of Bakersfield discusses their process for Editing reporter-shot video (found on Teaching Online Journalism). He discusses how they have dedicated vidoe editors because they can produce content of a (usually) high standard in roughly half the time as would be the case if the original reporter edited it. It seems like a logical conclusion, but he mentions that the dedicated editors do go and shoot their own video too.

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2007 EPpy winners

Here is a link to a set of links for the winners of the EPpy 2007 awards (the author of the page had to spend 22 minutes compiling the list of links because the competition hosts didn't have links on their announcement page, which is a bit weird considering it is a web based award, and hyperlinking is king). What the hell is an EPpy? According to their site:

The 2007 EPpy™ Awards competition is expressly designed to honor Internet sites that are affiliated with the media industry, and especially newspapers, television networks and affiliates, radio networks, syndicated shows, local radio stations, and magazines.

Winners include sites like the New York Times, BBC News, etc.

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The prize goes to...

One of our students, "MEG", just got one of her articles published in tectonic. I hope it is the start of a positive trend, and perhaps I will be posting many more of these (students...).

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