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Compulsion, convergence and cash in the Boston Globe newsroom


My pal, the new media revolutionary Rosental Alves, (pictured left) invited me to join him on a visit to the newsroom of the troubled Boston Globe on 7 August, and the top two people showed us around – Marty Baron, the editor (pictured right), and David Beard who edits Boston.Com.

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Blog, borrow and steal: tips for online journalism

Howard Owens of Gatehouse Media stole the secrets of successful blogging, and gave them away free to journalism educators in Chicago last week.
His Robin Hood act featured in a session by Jan Schaffer’s J-Lab during the annual conference of the Association for Education in Journalism and Mass Communication.
• Publish what you know, when you know it.
• Do lots of video pieces – these don’t even have to be edited stories.
• Think of who you will link to in your output.

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Dispatching a good idea

There's seriously interesting stuff going on at the Daily Dispatch. If you're interested in how print media and online media can intersect and benefit from each other's strengths, then check out the newly relaunched Dispatch website as well as their family of blogs, including Dispatch Now 24/7.

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How to prepare the preparers!

US j-teacher Carol Ames has summarised our syndicate discussions at the WJEC-AMIC conference on how to get journ-education digitalised. Two nice points:

"How do we prepare our students for whichever version of the “new” media they will be expected to use to produce interesting stories or compelling content? And more importantly, how do we first prepare ourselves?"

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Gloves off in old vs new

Some interesting stuff came out of the International Symposium on Online Journalism, recently held at the University of Texas School Journalism in the US. The event was covered by students of the Multimedia Journalism class at UT Austin's School of Journalism in real time. Check out the site to see their efforts.

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