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Internet axes porn mags in Army, Air force

Top shelf magazines will no longer be sold at US Army or Air force military bases after a deliberation was made on Wednesday 31 July 2013 to remove such magazines from the shelves at base exchanges due to plummeting sales as the result of the proliferation of free sexual online content made available on the Internet.

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Does pornography cause sexual violence?

Pornography…why this issue? Again? It’s a thought provoking topic as evidenced by the scholarly work done to investigate the effects of pornography on children and adults alike. However, most research focused on pornography as an indistinct phenomenon with respect to sexual violence. How does pornography differ across various media platforms and to what extent does it differ? And to what extent is sexual violence such as rape committed as a result of pornographic influence?
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Internet Sex Culture

by Simone Armer
As I was perusing my Facebook news feed this week, I stumbled across an image of a damsel disrobed. A jilted lover, out for revenge, posted a photograph that his ex had allegedly sent to him in the hopes of seducing him. The picture was not shocking in the novelty sense; it was a standard pose-before-a-mirror-in-the-skivvies kind of snap. The comments, although distasteful, were to be expected. The greatest surprise was my complete and utter lack thereof. It got me thinking about how much the Internet has changed the culture of sex, and whether it is for the better or worse.

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