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TV apps: keeping viewers glued to screens



In times of users being pulled away to smaller screens, TV providers are trying to keep their medium fresh and exciting. Through social tv, users can experience something they can’t if they were watching the programme online – participation. Joining the conversation has become as important as watching the programme itself.

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The race in TV evolution

The reality is that people are watching more videos than ever, but not all these videos are coming from a TV set.

What effect does this have on the TV business model, and how can service providers change along with it? Well, they have already started, with increasing on-demand capacities, online video supplementation and a generally more ‘a la carte’ user viewing system.

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Next generation advertising

In the digital age the commercial value of content is increasingly important.

Those of us who download each episode of Grey’s Anatomy almost immediately after its release (did you SEE the finale of Season five?!) have no reason to watch the show on normal TV. This means that we will never see the adverts that various companies have paid for, which means that these companies are losing revenue and are therefore less likely to invest in television ads in the future. Those of us who still watch normal TV can use our PVR decoders to fast-forward through the ads anyway.

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