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Violence is as violence… does?

When I shoot a marine in the face, it is I who aim the crosshair and click the event into vicarious existence. It is I who watch the blood and apparent pain for the smallest of moments - a sensation of accomplishment, not remorse. It is I who replicate this wanton violence. I… not some gaming algorithm.

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Data visualisation in a nutshell

We often find ourselves asking how we are supposed to make sense of data when we are bombarded with a myriad of numbers and information. Let’s get serious. Nowadays, you do not need to fear when data visualisation is near.

From graphs to maps to interactive timelines, you are now able to choose how you would like to represent data in order to tell a comprehensible story. What is more thrilling is that anyone can use these data visualisation tools and experiment with their creativity while doing so. 

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