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Violence is as violence… does?

When I shoot a marine in the face, it is I who aim the crosshair and click the event into vicarious existence. It is I who watch the blood and apparent pain for the smallest of moments - a sensation of accomplishment, not remorse. It is I who replicate this wanton violence. I… not some gaming algorithm.

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Internet Sex Culture

by Simone Armer
As I was perusing my Facebook news feed this week, I stumbled across an image of a damsel disrobed. A jilted lover, out for revenge, posted a photograph that his ex had allegedly sent to him in the hopes of seducing him. The picture was not shocking in the novelty sense; it was a standard pose-before-a-mirror-in-the-skivvies kind of snap. The comments, although distasteful, were to be expected. The greatest surprise was my complete and utter lack thereof. It got me thinking about how much the Internet has changed the culture of sex, and whether it is for the better or worse.

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Blogging ZA's big bang

There are more than 25 000 blogs in South Africa, which generated nearly 40 000 postings in August, according to figures just in from Arthur Goldstuck.
In a posting on ThoughtLeader this morning, Goldstuck reveals the first figures that give exciting insight into what's happening in South Africa, including the fact that unique visitors to blogs in August numbered 621 204.

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