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SA satellite TV: doomed from the get-go?

A new South African private commercial provider Platco Digital wants to start a new direct-to-home (DTH) low cost satellite TV service in October 2013.

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Before we rave about new SABC channel

So the SABC is set to launch its first ever 24-hour news channel by 1 August. Great stuff. A small step for news coverage and a giant leap for the public broadcaster. But before we get carried away, let's not forget one thing. Or two. In fact there's quite a lengthy to-do list.

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Dummies' guide to SA's digital TV migration

Remember 2008? Neither do I. That year, government approved the switch to Digital Terrestrial Television (DTT) but has missed its 2011 deadline. How has this been such rocket science and why should South Africans even care? If they want to still watch TV in 2015, they may want to listen up. 

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SABC board games stall progress

The SABC board has been dissolved for the second time in less than five years, slamming the breaks on looming telecommunications thresholds.

Trouble at the SABC means that certain important projects might have to stall. Pic:

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SABC Investigative unit: It's not what you might think

The etv story is straightforward.


But you need to read beyond the headline for the SABC one.


(Items on Biz Community this week.)

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